This page was created to express our collective frustration at the abject lack of progress with the Tel Me More album. While we acknowledge that music is a creative endeavour that cannot be rushed, there comes a point where delays *and* silence creates an uneasy feeling that project has been abandoned and will never be delivered, particularly when previews are promised but never materialise...       This page started as a little joke by people who are unhappy about the current state of the Tel Me More project of Jeroen Tel. We collected a lot of his excuses and promises on his Indiegogo page, as well as the ones posted on Facebook and the SAAS project. Minor differences to the original quotes are that the name of the tunes are chosen at random, as well as the period you have to wait for the preview of that song. Can you spot the fake Tel-ism? ;) This page is in no way affiliated with Jeroen Tel, Tess & Tel or Maniacs of Noise.