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Dear Amigans & Backers,

It has been some time since my last post on the forum and this is mainly due to my busy & tight schedule.
Hopefully you'll understand that i thought that posting updates and news from/to the KS update page is far more consistent as these updates are notified to backers directly as well.

I'd also like to pay my tribute here (in beers? would that be ok?) to iRetroVolver. His help has been (and still is) absolutely undeniable and of great value for making parts of this project to be sound and become the way it as become. Some other personal thanks and gratitude towards his contacts which i'm not going to share directly here, but we're all going to meet soon guys.

Now to the purpose of this post

Over the last month we've published a new website which is far more efficient than previous one.
A Youtube channel has been opened as well as to host all projects videos.

I'm also pretty certain than most of you already know that Amiga 1200 molds manufacturing processes started already within our partner plant.

A 1min short video which covers the early tooling & milling is available on YOUTUBE.

We're aware that it might have been difficult for some of you to wait until now, but delays in KS campaign is not uncommon.
Therefore when we decided to actually induce delays it really was for the greater good and best quality cases.

For the Amiga 1200 cases to be of up-most quality we needed prototypes.
And first one came flawed.
The extra 4 months delay was necessary to fix these issues and double checking again on each and every technical specifications before handcrafting the second prototype.

When this new proto was available (T2), we went again on cross checking all technical details using T2 as a reference towards project's case general requirements.

Today we're happy to share with you the video showing the long awaited New Amiga 1200 case molds being tooled!

Please note the following:
  • When molds are done a short serie of verifications starts to ensure they're at 100% of expected technical requirements.
  • After that a small serie of test cases will be manufactured. Again to ensure expected requirements are fulfilled regarding case quality.
  • Then all case will be manufactured.
  • Once production is done all cases are shipped to Plant1 for packing and shipping. (Packing include the adding of bonuses)
Of course all these steps are to be documented like we already started to with the molds being currently manufactured.
Some more photos & videos are expected.

Let's enjoy this short video.
We do apologize regarding video overall quality. It seems that video isn't PM's forte.
(still we did nicely asked him to try to do better for next videos)

YOUTUBE - Tooling & Milling Blocs

Now about the Amiga compatible keycaps campaign:

Keycaps campaign will start right after manufacturing of the Amiga cases.
Not much informations have been shared with you guys as of now regarding campaign content and this was on purpose.

Because keycaps are also linked to new keyboards we had to find solutions regarding these keyboards to be of modern tech (to reduce costs) while keycaps would be universal.
So keycaps will work on all existing Amiga keyboards as well as the new coming keyboards.
Keyboards are not scheduled right after keycaps campaign as R&D is still in process. More on that when we'll be ready.

And then what next?

Other Amiga related products are scheduled after keycaps campaign.
I'm sure you'll all agree when i say that Amiga came a long way and there's still a long way to go.
But things are changing and on our side the team is very happy working with our partner Amiga Inc which is confident in us since the beginning.

Thanks again to all of you who helped us make this happen!

Stay tuned for the next Update!